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  • How to understand the knowledge of headphones with wire control from a professional perspective?

    The 3.5mm headphone plug has three sections (TRS, Tip-Ring-Sleeve) and four sections (TRRS, Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve). Three of them do not have a microphone, the tail (Sleeve) is a common ground, the middle ring (Ring) is the right channel, and the tip (Tip) is the left channel. There are two types ...
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  • New fields of biodegradable plastic environmental protection materials.

    In order to prevent the impact of plastic waste, biodegradable plastics are considered to be a feasible and cost-effective solution. The growth of the market is driven by consumers’ awareness of climate change and marine debris, as well as traditional plastic use regulations.Dongguan Xinlia...
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  • How to use earphone correctly

    According to wired magazine on November 9, in ear earphones can eliminate external noise interference, sound quality is full and clear, light and easy to carry. But people often complain that the earphone is too small and the bass part is not enough, which often falls out. In fact, this is not th...
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  • A method of making zipper data cable

    Background technology: In the prior art, the traditional data line only includes the wire and the insulating layer outside the wire. Such a data line has been used for many years, and it is not innovative. It is difficult to attract the attention of the current consumer groups with young people ...
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  • 200 yuan price is more suitable for listening to popular TWS earphone woodpods I

    At present, most brands use this kind of simple and direct packaging. The small handle on the top and the opening design of the accessory box are highly praised. After opening, the earphone body is wrapped with high-density protective cotton, and the accessories box is at the bottom. There are al...
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  • Is the sound quality of dynamic headphones limited by the size of the moving coil and the material of the moving coil?

    First of all, the large diaphragm size does not mean that the voice coil is also large. A large voice coil can certainly reduce segmentation distortion, but it also brings new problems, such as lower sensitivity and worse transient response. Secondly, the ideal diaphragm material is the lighter t...
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  • The influence of dynamic earphone on the market?

        Similar to the sudden rise of the audio industry in 2014-2015, the development of domestic dynamic iron earphones is also a process of great waves scouring sand. We can still see that there are manufacturers like Xinliang, who are dedicated to the R & D and iteration of lapel ea...
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  • What is the principle of noise reduction earphone and how does it work?(part 1)

    Now the city is full of all kinds of environmental noise, in order to solve the problem of noise, noise reduction earphone to overcome the noise came out on the market. Ordinary noise reduction earphone is generally physical noise reduction, through the use of better earplug and ear pad, to achie...
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  • What is the principle of active noise reduction earphone?

    Noise reduction earphone can be divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction. Passive noise reduction is the use of very thick earmuffs to block outside noise. This method is simple and crude, and the difficulty is to select sound-absorbing materials. However, they are relative...
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  • Woodpods I, the first woodpods earphone that can be purchased immediately

    The physical design is good, the process level is high, and the burr feeling is very fine. In line with the price of hundreds of yuan. To be honest, the effect of wearing this wooden earphone on the ear is not necessarily handsome, but the personality is real. Because it is big and “wooden&...
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  • What beautiful looking headphones do you have?

    Natural materials are more likely to appeal to me than artificial materials. The instability of color and texture adds some hard won surprise to the appearance appreciation. When it comes to wood, we have to mention the wood earphone series of Xinliang company. Six colors:Cherry wood,Bamboo,Waln...
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  • Zipper headphones let you no longer have entanglement.

    When you walk on the street and want to listen to music, you take out the earphone from your bag, only to find that the earphone cable has been entangled in a ball, so you can’t take time to untie it. If you are always spoilt by such a situation and are looking for a headset that won’...
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