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  • The earphones are always knotted and the shoelaces are always unraveled…Why not use shoelaces to make a pair of earphones?

    In our daily life, we often encounter that the shoelaces will automatically spread when running, and the two wires of earphone will always be tied into a ball. If the shoelaces are made into earphones and earphones into shoelaces, will they be better? We often encounter such strange phenomena in ...
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  • How to choose headphones during National Day holiday? Recommended wooden TWS headset with good sound quality.

    Wooden TWS headsets are becoming more and more common in our lives. When we are usually relaxing, the most common thing is to listen to music. Put on the headset to immerse in the beauty of music. This is incomparable to external music.Therefore, this requires the sound quality of the headset to ...
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  • Luxury wood and metal earplugs

    According to official information, wood earphones have the following characteristics: a brand-new wood alloy design, a rare wood inlaid metal structure in the industry, and a self-developed 10MM high-quality moving coil unit using Bayer XE-K multilayer diaphragm and CCAW light-weight coil Composi...
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  • Wooden earphone-ring iron hybrid earphone

    Challenge the sound quality, and strive to create a personalized wooden earphone-ring iron hybrid earphone. Today,let me show you a new product wooden earphone woodpods I.Let’s take a look at the true content of this earphone. A charging case ,wood appearance and can customize the logo on t...
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  • Listen to the wood earphone

    Wooden things always have a low-key and natural connotation, which makes people feel cordial. But applying it to the headset will feel different. This time, it is the wooden earphones designed by China Xinliang Electronic Technology Company.We named it Woodbuds VI It is made of cherry wood, waln...
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  • A natural and regular voice: a brief comment on woodpods

    1.Euqippment: The wooden earphone with simple and stylish appearance.It is packaged in a kraft carton.A charging case ,wood appearance and can customize the logo on the charging cover.Fully compatible type-c charging port,positive and negative inserted fast charging.Two earphones,manual resin e...
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  • The ideal state of “Dynamic Iron”——Woodpods

    The picture above shows the wooden earphone woodpods X13, which is made of wood, reflecting the beauty of nature.Very comfortable to wear, close to the fit of similar male models, and will not have any ear-drop feeling after long-term wear, and excellent sound insulation. The color of the outer ...
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  • In-ear headphones worth starting in 2020

      In-ear headphones are now the mainstream. The advantage is that they are convenient to carry, do not press on the hair, and have the advantages of good sound insulation. In the past few years, I have burned nearly 200,000 people, including earphones,headsets,and noise reduction. Now think ...
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  • What are the advantages of using wooden materials for the cavity of the headset.

    Everyone knows that many musical instruments are made of wood materials, such as acoustic guitars, zithers, pipa, and so on. For many people who have really studied the sound of guitars, they know that the quality of guitar wood will affect the sound quality of a piano. It can also be said that t...
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  • We are porters of wood – FSC wooden earbuds woodpods I

    In fact, I didn’t hear much about the Hi-fi ring-iron and earplugs. The only one that impressed me was the Woodpods I.The design of the cavity, including the sound, is very good.Using FSC certified imported high-grade wood, the sound quality of the wooden ear shell cavity is significantly h...
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  • The smell of wood-wood headphones

    Entering the information age, it seems that everything can be turned into a string of numbers composed of 0 to 1 and stored in the computer. The actual material world is slowly becoming irrelevant. The gift of nature appears in our lives. The opportunity of will always be replaced by “man-m...
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  • Talk about the 1MORE real wireless noise reduction

    It has been four years since that 1MORE earphone came out on the k3003.After all, Xiaomi invested in it when it came out. It is not unusual to attract the public with the banner of “cost performance”. However, headphone enthusiasts do not like this kind of game, which also brought a w...
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